Welcoming Our 2018 Cohort 1 Coaching Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the 11th Coaching Fellowship. Congratulations to all our 61 inspiring new 2018 Cohort 1 fellows!

Read about all our 2018 Cohort 1 fellows.

We are proud to work with these committed and passionate young women leaders in the next six months. Below are just a few of our world-changing 2018 Chorot 1 fellows.

Evgenia Peeva-Kirova — Sofia, Bulgaria
Founder & CEO, Teach For Bulgaria
Evgenia is founder & CEO of Teach For Bulgaria, an independent non-profit that aims to provide access to quality education to all children in her country by enlisting Bulgaria’s most talented young professionals to be effective teachers and change agents in education and society.

Katherine Taylor — Maharashtra, India
CEO & Co-Founder, Khethworks
Katie is co-founder & CEO of Khethworks, which makes solar powered irrigation systems that enable small-plot farmers to cultivate year round. Driven by the transformative power of affordable & reliable irrigation, Katie & team moved to India in 2016 to launch Khethworks.

Emily Koch — San Diego, CA
Founder & Global Director, Beyond the Surface International
Emi is the founder of Beyond the Surface International, a nonprofit working with marginalized, remote coastal communities for socio-ecological resilience through nonviolent communication tools. Emi is pursuing a Masters in Marine Biodiversity & Conservation at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Sophie Eckrich — Austin, TX
CEO, Teysha
As Co Founder and CEO of the ethical fashion company Teysha, Sophie has led the creation of a supply chain which empowers artisans in Latin America to express their talents, while bringing handcrafted goods to the world market. Sophie is passionate about international development, fashion and travel.

Zuzia Danielski — Quebec, Canada
Communications Director, IMPACT
Zuzia is a multimedia storyteller, providing human rights organizations with strategic guidance for more effective communications. She is the Communications Director for IMPACT, an international non-profit transforming how natural resources are managed in areas where human rights are at risk.

Welcome, everyone! We’re looking forward to supporting your exciting journey over the coming months. Big thank you to our coaches for generously providing their time and expertise, making the opportunity available to the new fellows!

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