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More than anything else, The Coaching Fellowship is an incredible, international community full of bright and extraordinary women leading the path to positive change around the world. We strive to support and celebrate our fearless fellows every day of the year, but today, on International Women’s Day, more than ever, we want to express our appreciation to all of you.

So many of our past and present fellows are working directly with women and girls to give them a voice to be heard and opportunity to flourish. This International Women’s Day we would like to highlight some of these amazing women to show you how they are supporting women in their work, and how YOU can support them in these efforts.

We invite you to watch the video below to hear more about some of these wonderful women, including our amazing founder, Jane.

You can also read below how you can specifically take action to support women across the world this International Women’s Day.

Aude Joël | Women in Environment

Aude recently launched a project to connect and empower women in environment, the “WE-team”. It is a global professional community dedicated to help women who contribute to the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change gain in visibility, through peers engagement and values of solidarity, sharing, excellence, volunteering & ethics.

How You Can Support Aude: They are looking for many experts to build long-term value partnerships such as: professional coaches, mentors with specific expertise (i.e. in Finance, Communication, Marketing, Strategy, Tech, etc.) as well as women who would like to lead the WE-team in their cities and develop local networks.

Aurélie Salviare | Shiftbalance

Aurélie is the Founder of Shiftbalance. In her work with women, she runs storytelling workshops with the idea of helping women and girls regain agency on their own narrative. She has also published a book called Balance the World, which is an anthology of feminist solutions from all around the world. Why does Aurélie work to support women on a daily basis? Watch the video to find out!

How You Can Support Aurélie: Go to her website and download her book for free. She encourages you to pick up a project you like and reproduce it!

Carolyn Loughnash | Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership

Carolyn works for Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership, which provides young leaders with the support they need to research, design, and implement their own peacebuilding projects. Carolyn and her colleagues will be launching their first women-only class in April to build political and community leadership skills.

How You Can Support Carolyn: You can support their project here, or share with your community here, or follow them on Facebook.

Corinne Warnshuis | Girl Develop It

Corrine runs an amazing initiative through Girl Develop it. Her work is focused on empowering women through judgement-free, hands-on classes in web and software development. Corrine’s organization teaches technical topics to any adult woman who wants to learn, truly opening a new pathway of opportunities for women in tech. Corrine knows that empowering women is the first step in making the world a better place. Hear more from Corrine in the video above!

How You Can Support Corinne: Girl Develop It is always looking for technical people looking to give back. Join Corrine and go to to see if there is something you can do to support her amazing endeavor.

Erika Murdock Balbuena | The Only Project

Erika is the founder of a story-telling podcast called The Only. The projected focuses on exploring what it means to be the only one/the only woman in a mostly male environment. In the above video, Erika tells us first-hand how she is working with women, and why International Women’s Day is important to her.

She also wants to highlight the responsibility and role white women need to play in helping bring women of color to the “stage”. For her, that looks like only mentoring black women who are underrepresented in tech. It means when she is asked to speak on a panel, she always asks if there are other women or people of color and if not, she tells them she won’t do it.

How You Can Support Erika: Help her find incredible women who need to share their story. You can check out her amazing podcast here.

Jourdan Ann McGinn | PIH Sierra Leone

Jourdan is the Director of Policy & Partnership for Partners in Health Sierra Leone. The country has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the world — a woman has a 1 in 17 chances of dying in childbirth in her lifetime — and she and her colleagues are working to build the region’s best maternal health facility to deliver high-quality, evidence-based and respectful care to the women who need it the most.

How You Can Support Jourdan: Donate to PIH Sierra Leone to help make this vision a reality and radically move the needle on improving the health of women and their babies.

Katie Riley | She’s the First

Katie is the program manager at She’s the First. They are fighting gender inequality around the world by education girls who will be the first in their family to graduate high school, and training students everywhere to be global citizens.

How You Can Support Katie: They are currently looking to diversify their board of directors and advisory committees in NYC. They are also recruiting coaches to work with high school/college Community Impact Fellows in Washington DC, Dallas, Orlando in the US and in Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Jane Finette | The Coaching Fellowship

Jane is the Founder of The Coaching Fellowship. Jane created the program to unite women in their work to solve some of the world’s greatest problems at scale from clean drinking water, to climate change, democracy and women’s health (to name just a few). Jane believes women are the key to a more equitable, and sustainable future for all people, and the voice and perspective of women is missing from the largest table’s of the world.

How You Can Support Jane: She encourages all women and men to take a moment to celebrate the women in your life. Particularly the young women; you have an opportunity to create a different future for these young women. One where they can be anything they want!

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