Meet the Fellows (Video) — Kalsoom Lakhani, Founder, Invest2Innovate

Kalsoom Lakhani, Founder, Invest2Innovate

Kalsoom is the Founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate, or i2i, which supports startups and the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem in developing markets, beginning in Pakistan and (2015) Bangladesh. Beyond work, she is an avid traveler, foodie, film geek, bad karaoke singer, and dog lover (especially her dog Rosie).

As the Founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate, Kalsoom has achieved so much since she took part in our Winter 2015 program. We are in awe of her determination, and want to share more of her story with you in the short video above.

Founding and running a company is not easy — but Kalsoom manages to do it in two continents. When her journey with TCFS started, she felt the weight of being a woman working in a difficult environment where there aren’t many examples of women leaders to follow. As the dreaded burnout many courageous founders begin to face approached, Kalsoom decided to push herself to grow even further.

How did coaching help invigorate Kalsoom? Beyond tactical skills, she gives credit to the work she did with her coach on finding her inner power to push forward, believe in herself, and trust that despite the hurdles she faced that she could grow her company into something remarkable.

Since taking part in our program, Kalsoom has seen a significant difference in herself — from prioritizing self-investment to using specific tools she learned from her coach on a weekly basis (three years later!). The Coaching Fellowship was also the beginning of many leadership development investments Kalsoom made in herself.

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