Meet the Fellows (Video) — Ashley Jablow, Creator & Coach, Wayfinders Collective

Ashley Jablow, Creator & Coach, Wayfinders Collective

Ashley Jablow is a designer and facilitator with deep experience in design thinking and innovation strategy, technology consulting, stakeholder relationships and community building, and leadership/team development. Currently Ashley is a freelance consultant and coach. Ashley is also founder of Wayfinders Collective, a creative launching pad for individuals and organizations navigating questions of purpose and potential at work and in life.

Our amazing Spring 2016 Coaching Fellow Ashley Jablow has experienced what many people working on growing their careers often fear — working towards the idea of the “perfect job,” only to find out it did not work out in the end. Instead of letting this discourage her, Ashley’s incredible determination and immense self-awareness helped her focus on her purpose and potential. We are truly grateful that Ashley is willing to share her story in the video above.

What makes Ashley “authentically Ashley?” Coming into the program, she did not think that would be a necessarily dominant question to explore. Instead, she joined thinking coaching was going to be all about her job, but it turned personal very quickly.

Ashley sees her experience working with her coach Melanie as a true gift. At the end of her fellowship, Ashley was sad to part ways with Melanie. Only later she learned that their connection goes far beyond the time they had shared together, and coaching is a continuous journey.

From all of this, Ashley truly utilized her coaching tool box and made the experience into a journey to continue to refine who you are, what you are all about, and what gives you energy. Based on these ideas, she founded Wayfinders Collective, a creative launching pad for anyone who wants to explore the questions of purpose and potential.

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