Meet the Coaches (Video) — Maureen Johnstone, Leadership and Personal Coach (CPCC, ACC), Raven Tree Coaching & Coaching Services

Maureen has twenty years leadership experience with the Government of Canada in health and wellness. She is a certified professional Co-Active Coach through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. As a coach, Maureen specializes in helping clients access their inner wisdom — the ultimate source of their strength.

Inspired by fellows and coaches around the world, Maureen started volunteering with The Coaching Fellowship in 2014. Since then, she has worked with 12 young women impact leaders through the Fellowship. Being a part of the program gives her a sense of giving back to the world. Maureen finds the Coaching Fellows to be different than her other clients, by enthusiasm, drive, and the energy they carry in the process of personal transformation.

As a coach, Maureen is specialized in helping clients access their inner wisdom — the ultimate source of their strength. So they can show up, be seen and heard, lead with courage, presence, and a bold focus. When working with the fellows, Maureen’s approach is to help them create their excellence and focus on what’s already in them. She helps her fellows to reach their goals through conversations that shift them from a space where they are in, to a space where they want to be.

“Coaching is about deepening one’s consciousness.”

Maureen is passionate about sharing her skills and expertise with young women leaders around the world. She believes that The Coaching Fellowship is the best experience that any young woman leader, ready to live their potential, can have.

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